Snag Doctor is a national surface repair business, with a wide team of snagging specialists who offer a variety of surface repair and restoration services. Whether that be for worktops, tiles or even shower trays, here at Snag Doctor we have a service for any hard surface you need repairing. In this blog, we will cover all those services so you can find the best suited one for you! 

Kitchen units and doors- 

Perhaps you’ve noticed those unwanted chips, holes, or scratches on your kitchen units, well, your local snag doctor technician can simply make them disappear. 

Worktops and tables- 

We pride ourselves in having the very latest state-of-the-art technology which can match any pattern and colour to your worktop surfaces. Making this repair quick, easy and most of all cost effective. 


Floor tiles, wall tiles-snag doctor can fix them all. Tiles are an easy fix for our technicians and will have them looking brand new in no time. Our state-of-the-art colour matching technology can detect any colour or pattern and get them looking brand new. 

Window frame repair-  

Window frames can take a lot of wear and tear from bad weathering over the years, but not to worry as our repair service can transform your frames completely. 

Door repairs and restoration- 

Similar to your window frames, your doors can take a lot of beating over time making damages inevitable. Let snag doctor work their magic on your doors. 

Stone restoration and tinting- 

Maybe you’re looking to freshen up your home’s stonework. We can tint your dull looking stonework as well as fix any chip repairs. This is a very cost-effective service to have your stonework looking a million dollars. 

Stainless steel- 

Steel can be easily scratched; we can get those scratches vanished in a flash on any stainless-steel countertops and work tops. 

Bath, sinks and shower trays- 

There is nothing worse than finding damages in your bathroom. Say goodbye to plumbers and tilers and hello to snag doctors as we can do all those repairs.  

As well as these services listed, we can also work our surface repair magic on caravans, canopies, and more, at Snag Doctor we do just about everything! For more information on surface repair services, please get in touch.