There is nothing better than a cheeky little insight into what goes on behind the scenes at a business or workplace. That is why we thought it would be a perfect idea to share a little insider insight into some of the recent projects that we have completed over here at Snag Doctor. We will be covering everything from the challenges we faced to the way in which we overcame them. Let’s get straight into some of the latest Snag Doctor repair projects!

Shower Tray Repair:

This project was a shower tray repair. After communicating with the client, we established that the shower tray was damaged in two separate areas. The client was ready to hand over the plot until they realised the damaged shower tray. Instead of scrambling to get a plumber, tiler, and mastic sealer, and on top of that, waiting for a replacement to be delivered and refit, they chose the smart option and called Snag Doctor. We were able to complete this within two hours! It is safe to say we had a very happy site manager.

Composite Door Repair:

Thanks to Snag Doctor’s incredible technology and innovative skills, we were able to bring life back to a tired-looking front door. This customer’s fully functioning composite door had lost its colour and needed a little TLC. Fortunately for our client, Snag Doctor came through with our 5-star spraying service. Rather than buying a new door and then paying for it to be fitted, we re-sprayed it for them with an exact colour match, saving them over £500!

Kitchen Unit Door Repair:

This project posed quite the challenge, but it was nothing that Snag Doctor could not handle. A hole had been drilled in the wrong location within a boiler housing. Snag Doctor was able to rectify the issue within an hour, saving time, money, and a lot of hassle.

For more information about all the repair services that we offer here at Snag Doctor, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today! Whether that be a door repair or a shower tray repair, we attend to all your needs with seamless efficiency.