When the topic of door repairs starts circulating, a lot of unanswered questions pop up. That is why at Snag Doctor, with the knowledge we have gained from years of industry experience, we will answer the most frequently asked questions we get daily. If you are looking for expert advice and insights into common door repair solutions, keep on reading.  

Should I Hire a Professional Instead of DIY? 

We would always recommend getting in touch with a professional technician to resolve any kind of door repair issue. This is because we possess the correct skills, knowledge, and equipment needed to complete a repair. Doing a repair job yourself puts your doors at risk of even more damage if done incorrectly, which will cost you more money and more time. So, it is best just to leave it for our team to handle. 

What Are the Most Common Signs That Your Door Requires a Repair? 

Some of the most common signs your door is in need of a repair include: 

  • Squeaky Hinges 
  • Misaligned Doors 
  • Holes 
  • Cracks 
  • Dents  
  • Discolouration  

How Do You Prevent Door Issues? 

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent door issues. This includes lubricating the hinges, cleaning, inspecting weatherstripping, and regularly checking for signs of wear and tear. By doing these things, you are limiting the need for repairs. 

Why Are Repairs Better than Replacements? 

Not only do repairs save you money and time, but they also are an environmentally friendly solution. This is because less waste is sent to landfills and the needless energy expenditure that comes from the manufacturing and transporting of the replacement is eliminated! 

How Long Does a Repair Job Take? 

This can completely vary depending on what kind of repair your door requires but, usually most repairs are done in under an hour. Our technicians give you a realistic time frame for how long that repair will take and with their existing industry experience, they can stick to that and use their time management skills excellently. 

Hopefully, this article has answered some of the questions and queries you had about door repairs. To book a door repair service here at Snag Doctor, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are the key to your door repair needs!