When it comes to home security, the front door is often the first line of defence. Many homeowners wonder if wooden front doors are actually safe enough to protect their homes from intruders. Is it best to have a wooden door or opt for a more industrial material? To help you answer that question, we have created this article today, to explore whether wooden front doors can stand the test of security, protection, and functionality.  

The Structure and Design of Wooden Doors: 

Wooden doors can be made from various wood types such as Maple, Oak, and Mahogany. They all are typically constructed with many layers, making them sturdy and durable structures. When it comes to wooden door design, the possibilities are endless! This is one of the reasons why wooden doors have become so popular amongst homeowners, as they are so visually pleasing. Homeowners can even choose from a range of decorative elements such as glass inserts, intricate carvings, and decorative mouldings. These design choices not only enhance the door’s aesthetic appeal but also add a personal touch to a home’s overall look. Not to mention, wooden doors are extremely customisable as you can select your preferred colour, material, and design. 

The Safety of Wooden Front Doors: 

A sturdy and secure door not only protects your home against intruders but also protects your family and belongings, which is why it is paramount to pick the correct door for your home. Wooden doors can stand the test of time and serve security and functionality, only if they are maintained correctly. This means wooden doors are durable for the most part.  

Wooden front doors are more susceptible to the effects of certain factors, such as harsh weathering and sunlight. In the long run, these things can compromise the safety of your home. This is why door maintenance is so important.  

Even with proper maintenance, wooden doors may require repairs from time to time. That is where the team over at Snag Doctor comes into play. We are a team of door repair specialists, who can repair just about any door no matter the size, material, or issue. For more information about our door repair services, please get in touch.