Scratches, snags and scuffs are an unavoidable part of modern life! It’s impossible to run a household without accumulating some irritating aesthetic damage around your most well-used surfaces. That said, some areas are much easier to damage than others, leading to common places around the home where you’ll be most likely to find unsightly chips and scrapes. Let’s take a look at some of the places in your home where you’re most likely to find surfaces in need of repair!

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters are one of the most high traffic areas in our homes! We use our kitchen counters to prepare food with sharp knives, to store roasting hot pans and trays, and to dump our heavy shopping bags on. To top it all off, we wipe down our counters with abrasive chemicals and bleaches. Kitchen counters, whether wooden, tile, marble, or granite, can be a hotspot for all manner of aesthetic damage!

Bathroom Surfaces

Bathroom surfaces are similarly high-traffic, especially those surrounding the bath or shower! These areas not only have to deal with heavy and sharp objects like shampoo bottles and razors, but they also have build-ups of moisture and damp to content with! Whether it’s a chipped bathtub, scratches on your bathroom sill, or wooden surfaces expanding due to water absorption, bathroom surfaces are certainly prone to regular damage.


The internal walls of your home are not only a very common place to find scratches and scuffs, they’re also the place where they’re the most visible! With patterned wallpaper out and plain walls in fashion, aesthetic damage shows up on our walls far more prominently than on textured surfaces. Hotspots for chips to walls are tight corners and around doorframes where maneuvering furniture is the most difficult. Thankfully, plain walls are also simpler to restore than patterned surfaces too!

Many surfaces around your home can be hot spots for small chips and other forms of aesthetic damage. But don’t worry! The Snag Doctor is fully prepared to repair and restore all of these types of surface damage. If you have aesthetic damage in your home and you’re looking for the best surface repairs Birmingham has to offer, get in touch today!