Without a professional eye, it can be hard to tell which hard surface repair is best for your restoration job. Luckily for you, Snag Doctor are here today to give you the low down on how to tell which hard surface repair you need. Whether it is a crack, chip, or scratch, Snag Doctor has a service fit for the job. If you are ready to decode hard surface repairs, keep on reading!

Cracked or Chipped Wash Basin, Bath, or Shower Tray:

If you notice any damage to your wash basin, bath, shower tray, or sink, our baths, sinks, and shower tray repair service is perfect for you. We can repair the damage in-situ, eliminating the need for you to call in plumbers and tilers.

Discoloured and Broken Brickwork:

Do you notice your brickwork looking a little dull and lackluster? Worry not, as Snag Doctor’s brickwork repair and tinting service is here to save the day. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to colour match any brickwork and fix any damage that may have occurred. The finish look is seamless, and your brickwork looks as good as new!

Scratched Glass:

We know far too well how annoying scratched glass can be. Our highly trained technicians are able to polish out scratches on any glass surface. This leaves them looking brand spanking new.

Broken Window Frames:

Damaged/tired windows? No problem! Snag Doctor are able to restore them and save you money on replacements.

Scratched Stainless Steel:

Similarly to our scratched glass surface, we are also able to seamlessly polish out any scratches that may be on your stainless steel surfaces.

Broken Doors:

We are able to repair and restore all types of doors. Whether it is a full respray or a spot repair, we can do it all.

Damaged Worktops:

We can make unwanted chips, cracks, or holes simply disappear thanks to our knowledge, experience, and technology.

For more information about all the hard surface repair services that we offer here at Snag Doctor, please be sure to get in touch today.