Snag Doctor is here today to bust and debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions that have been floating around the industry regarding door repairs. Take it from the professionals themselves, not everything that you hear is true. The myths that we are going to mention in today’s article can lead to unnecessary expenses, wasted time, and even potential further damage. Keep on reading to find out the unfiltered truth about some common door repair myths.

Myth #1: WD-40 Is the Solution to All Door Problems

There is no denying that WD-40 can be a man’s best friend when it comes to door repairs, but unfortunately, WD-40 cannot fix every door problem. While WD-40 is a handy lubricant, it is only going to silence squeaks temporarily and not actually fix the underlying issue. Call in a professional to come in and examine your doors for any issues.

Myth #2: You Can Fix Any Door Problem Yourself

While a little DIY job here and there is all well and good, sadly, you will not be able to complete all door repair jobs by yourself. Some issues require the skills and expertise of industry professionals. Trained technicians also possess the necessary equipment that the average Joe will not have in their tool kit.

Myth #3: Regular Maintenance Is Not Necessary for Doors

This is an absolute myth, if anything, doors actually require regular maintenance. You must be cleaning and inspecting your doors for any signs of wear and tear at least once a week. This will allow for longevity and optimal performance of your door.

Myth #4: All Doors Can Be Repaired, and Replacements Are Not Necessary

We would be lying if we said no door ever needs replacing because some things break beyond repair. However, Snag Doctor’s door repair services mean any door issues are fixed before they spiral beyond repair. This is why we encourage our customers to get a repair as soon as they notice any issues, so you can eliminate the need for a replacement.

For more information on the door repair services that we offer here at Snag Doctor, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.