If you’re a home or building owner, then curb appeal is something to think about when it comes to the exterior presentation. If you are considering moving home or you want to freshen up the outside of the building or home, then make sure to keep on reading for some insightful tips! 

Brick repairs and tinting 

Up first we have brick repairs and tinting. This could also go for any other form of stoneware too. Making sure the bricks are all intact and looking an even colour is the first step to getting your home or commercial building looking in top shape. Wear and damage from bricks can occur from many things such as the weather or impact. The restoration process is simple and is done in a cost-effective way to give the bricks a bright new look no matter the time of year. Clean and tidy brickwork will enhance the features of your home or commercial building. 

UPVC repairs 

UPVC repairs are another way to maintain a neat presentation when it comes to areas like the exterior of your home. As many window frames are made from UPVC, it is extremely durable, it’s easy to clean, and more importantly it’s cheap to produce. However, all materials eventually become damaged, and blemishes can easily be repaired all thanks to our talented technicians. We can repair colour fading or discolouration, cracks, scratches, dents, burns, chips, you name it, we can do it! Contrary to popular belief, not all UPVC is just white, you can find UPVC products in a lot of different shades. Using our colour-matching technology, we can detect the exact colour shade to help create a seamless result. 

Door repairs 

The last tip we have to share today is all about door repairs. If you have a crack or a scuff across your front door, then we can erase that with ease. This will help you save money in the long run as repairing the material will prevent you from having to budget for the price of a whole new door. Whether it’s a blemish around the handle mechanism or the corner of the door, we can solve the issue for you. 

For more information about our hard surface repair services, please contact us today for a quote.