Looking around your home, you may find lots of little scuffs, scrapes, dents and chips that seem to grab your attention more than anything else. These little imperfections are a simple fix, but you just don’t have the time to get them done. That’s where the Snag Doctors come in, if you’re based in Cardiff, then give Luke Rosendale a call and he’ll be round to take a look for you.

Snag Doctors have a wide range of experience and knowledge of home surface repairs, and whether it’s a quick touch up on some scuffs or fixing a hole in a door, we use qualified, experienced specialists to handle the repair jobs you need.

Luke covers all of Cardiff and Newport so you can rest assured that he’ll be able to help you if you’re in those areas. Handling jobs like kitchen unit repairs, tile repairs and stone restoration, you can get your house looking great again thanks to the magic they perform in getting your home repaired.

Offering a no-obligation quote, we are proud that our prices are competitive, and we can save our customers money by doing a surface repair that means you aren’t paying for a whole new door, tiling job or kitchen unit to be completely replaced.

At Snag Doctor, we can mend, repair and resurface wood, metal, stone, brick, marble, granite, ceramic and much more, as well as handle any type of damage. Our magic men can work with damage from impact, staining, burning, or accidental damage and will help you with aftercare advice so you can keep it looking as good as new.

With Luke, you will get a professional, friendly service that will leave you happy with the work completed and understanding what we mean by saying that Snag Doctor specialists are ‘Magic Men’. Snag Doctor technicians will get those annoying little scuffs and scrapes out in no time, and you won’t even remember they were there at all. If you have something that needs a repair, save yourself time and money and get Luke Rosendale to come, take a look and provide a quote. We work hard to ensure the repair is done to a high standard, using high-quality materials and with trained specialists.

To speak to Luke about how he can work his magic on your scuffs and scrapes, call him today.