The Snag Doctor’s expert team is fully trained, equipped, and eager to take on any cosmetic repair job for brick and stonework, including exterior walls, steps and window sills, and aesthetic installations like stone sculptures or water features! So whether it’s a cracked stone step, chipped brick walls, or heavily weathered sills needing a fresh stone coating, we can help.

For tiny cracks and chips, at-home patching compounds can help restore the appearance of your stone or brick, but these solutions cannot offer a bespoke finish to maintain the aesthetics. If maintaining the gorgeous visual finish of your surface is important to you, then it may require professional expertise, especially if the repair work involves dealing with a highly visible area in your home. Thankfully, the Snag Doctor is able to not only repair and restore, but also colour match to ensure the replacement sections look like the original, leaving you with an ideal finish!

Stone Surface Repair and Restoration

Using our specialist stone fillers and sandstone-based coatings, we are able to restore aesthetic damage to all manner of stone surfaces, bringing them back to their original condition. Not only can we remove all chips and cracks, we will also coat the sill with a colour-matched coating, giving it that fresh stone look finish and leaving you with an impeccable visual. If your stonework has weathered and has started to stain, we can simply apply our coating to your sills to completely transform the look of your property!

Brickwork Repair and Restoration

Don’t remove your damaged bricks! This will risk further damage and harm the structural integrity of your brickwork, causing a health and safety risk. We can quickly and easily repair chips to your brickwork, so there’s no need to replace entire bricks and risk the freshly applied mortar standing out.

We can also tint large areas of brickwork using our specialist dyes. So if you have had an extension and you need the new brickwork matching to your existing bricks, or you have a new build with sections of discoloured bricks; don’t panic, we can help!

Whatever type of repair is required on your project, make sure you use experienced professionals to ensure that it is done correctly! Here at Snag Doctor we offer hard surface repair services for a huge range of materials, not just stone and brickwork. Check out our website for more information.