Do you have some unsightly chips in your home’s exterior walls, or some damage to your driveway brickwork? Don’t fret! Exterior stone walls and brickwork around your property can be repaired in a number of different ways, depending on the extent of the damage. Unless a wall has been destroyed beyond repair, stone and brickwork can usually be restored to its original condition with through a variety of methods, from patching small cracks to replacing damaged sections.

For small cracks and chips, patching compounds can help restore the appearance of the stone or brick. If there are more serious structural issues, then it may be necessary to replace entire sections of stone or brickwork with new pieces. Thankfully, the Snag Doctor is fully equipped to not only repair and restore, but also colour match to ensure the replacement sections look like the original, just brand-new!

The Three-Step Process for Repairing Brick and Stone Walls

Repairing of damaged bricks or stone should always be done with care and precision, especially if you’re working with a high wall. Ensure you take all necessary safety steps and acquire all relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) first!

First, the damaged area of the wall needs to be cleaned of dirt and fragments of brick or stone. Ensure you clean out the area thoroughly, remove all dust or dirt, and let it dry afterwards. Dust or moisture around the area will hinder your restoration efforts.

Once your repair site is all clean and fully prepared, the next step is to remove any weakened or crumbling bricks by scraping out the mortar around them using a chisel, hammer or pointing tool. You may wish to repeat step 1 after this, to remove any extra dust you may have generated. Once this has been done, it’s time to fill in the gap with an even layer of mortar in preparation for the new stone to be added.

Now you’re all ready to finish off your repair, replacement bricks or stones should be carefully inserted into the gap and pressed firmly into the mortar. If maintaining your original aesthetic is a priority, you must ensure that your replacement blocks are of similar size, shape, and colour to match existing ones as closely as possible. If installed correctly, replacement bricks should settle in with time and blend in naturally with the surrounding area.

Whatever type of repair is required for your project, make sure you use experienced professionals to ensure that it is done correctly! Here at Snag Doctor we offer repairs and restorations for a huge range of materials and surfaces, not just stone walls and brickwork! Check out our website for more information on our range of services.