At Snag Doctor, we’re proud to be a national company with technicians up and down the country. In Cardiff, your local Snag Doctor specialist is Luke Rosendale. Luke covers all of Cardiff and Newport as well as any surrounding CF and NP postcodes so you can rest assured that he’ll be able to help with your surface repair job – big or small.

What can Luke help with?

At Snag Doctor, we cover a whole range of different surface repair jobs, including kitchen unit repairs, tiles, doors, stone & bricks, kitchen, toilets, and bath repairs and window frames. Luke is experience in getting great results for you, no matter what you need.

Bathroom and kitchen repairs

One of the main things that Luke can help with is kitchen and bathroom repairs. This can range from worktops, to baths, toilets and sinks and even kitchen units and doors.

If you have an unsightly chip in your bath or sink that has been frustrating you, then Luke will be able to come and take a look and provide a free no-obligation quote for you.

Having small jobs repaired, especially in the bathroom or kitchen can be the most efficient way of keeping up with home repairs. It’ll cost less than getting a whole new bath, shower tray or sink and will take less time.

Kitchen worktops can get chipped or scratched after years of use; and getting a new one can be costly and if it’s only a small chip or scratch, then it won’t be worth spending a lot of money to get changed. Using the Snag Doctor to fix those small chips, scratches or holes in your kitchen or bathroom will be a lot less hassle and effort as well as helping the environment as you’re not removing lots of large items to take to the tip.

Regardless of the type of surface repair needed, Snag Doctor will be able to come and take a look for you and provide you with the quote. We can help our customers save money by getting a repair done rather than a new bathroom, kitchen or even just parts.

We help with stains, impact holes, chips and accidental damage, so if you need Snag Doctor, contact Luke Rosendale to get your no-obligation quote.