Studies have shown that the peak season for home renovations is summer, particularly between the months of May and July. If you are thinking about renovating your home, here are three of our top tips you should follow in order to avoid damaging your surfaces during the process of a renovation. As the high season of home renovations is swiftly approaching, we thought this article was more appropriate than ever to share. Not taking these key precautions could potentially cost you more money on top of the costs of your renovation already, and nobody wants that. So, make sure you listen carefully and take our three top tips on board!

Use Protective Covers on Worktops

We cannot stress enough how important it is to cover up your worktops when undergoing home renovations. They can help prevent any damage or scratches that may occur throughout the renovation process. The cover acts as a barrier, preserving the appearance of your worktop even after all the renovation. It is also good for hygiene and cleanliness reasons.

Handle Furniture and Materials with Care

To put it simply, take extra precautions when moving things around and doing things of that nature, as damage is a lot more likely to occur. Carefully move around furniture to prevent chips, dents, holes, or scratches.

Protect Corners and Edges

The use of corner guards and edge protectors will prevent any accidental bumps or chipping of walls, worktops, or furniture. These can be cheap to buy from any local shop and can potentially save you a lot of money.

These three top tips should help prevent any surface damage from occurring when renovating your home. In the unfortunate event that you do notice damage to your surface has occurred, do not panic, as Snag Doctor will be on the job. We are a team of repair specialists who will have your surfaces looking brand spanking new in less than an hour! For more information about our hard surface repair services, please be sure to get in touch today.