Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get your home feeling fresh and looking great. If you’re gearing up for your big spring cleaning, don’t neglect your surfaces! Getting aesthetic damage to the surfaces around your home repaired and restored back to a like-new finish will leave your home looking impeccable. In this article, we are going to share the most common home surface repairs to consider for your spring clean!

Bathroom Surface Repair

Bathrooms are a contentious point when it comes to keeping it clean and tidy. Some people dedicate a lot of effort into maintaining their bathroom, while others prefer to focus on the living and cooking areas, leaving their bathroom as an afterthought. But whether you keep a spotless bathroom or use it as a laundry dumping ground, don’t settle for unsightly cracks and chips in your bathtub or sink basin! One of the most common areas we repair are bathtubs, which unfortunately get damaged easily over time. Our high-quality surface repairs will ensure that any cracks are filled in and are colour-matched so they look seamless and secure.

Kitchen Worktop Repair

Your kitchen surfaces take a beating over time with hot pans, plates, sharp cutlery and heavy items constantly making contact with the worktops on a daily basis. All it takes is one inadvertently heavy-handed drop of a pan or one quick slice of cheese without grabbing a cutting board and you’re left with an ugly dent or scratch on your surface. So it’s no surprise that surfaces in kitchen areas often suffer from burns, chips, scratches, and so on. Our surface repair experts can restore any kitchen surfaces, making them look brand new.

Floor Repair

Surface damage to your floor tends to be obvious as soon as guess first enter your home. So make sure to permanently get rid of chips, scratches, and scuff marks with our exceptional floor surface repairs. Whether your floors are laminate, tile, stone, or timber, we can help! Our expert team is well-equipped to restore any type of aesthetic damage to your floor surfaces and give it that brand new finish again.

After any surface repair service, it is always well-advised to follow our aftercare advice for the repair site, and proceed use with caution for the next 24 hours. While we will always leave your repair site protected from further harm, the area of the repair may be vulnerable to damage or deterioration if not treated properly. For more information, or to enquire about our surface repair services, get in touch with the Snag Doctor today!