Weather conditions can have a significant impact on the performance of your doors, which ultimately can result in the need for a repair. From hot temperatures to rain, wind, and humidity, various weather conditions can cause problems and affect the functionality and durability of your doors. In this article, we will explore some of the common issues that can arise due to different weather conditions and provide insights on what to look out for. Let’s begin! 

Water Damage: 

Rain and moisture can be detrimental to a door’s overall performance. Over time, exposure to water can cause doors to rot, warp, or even develop mould and mildew. To protect against water damage, make sure your doors are properly sealed. Regularly inspecting and maintaining doors can also help prevent water-related issues. If your door is made from any type of wood, it is a lot more susceptible to water damage so be sure to be more vigilant when it comes to door inspections. 

Drafts and Energy Loss: 

Gaps and cracks around doors can lead to drafts, resulting in energy loss and decreased comfort inside a home or establishment. To address this issue, check for any gaps or cracks around the door and the frame, then seal them using weatherstripping. Installing a door sweep at the bottom can also prevent drafts and improve energy efficiency. 

Sticking and Jamming: 

Cold temperatures can cause doors to stick or jam. This can be extremely frustrating as it may require you to use added force to open or close the door. Regular maintenance, such as lubricating the hinges and ensuring proper alignment, can help prevent any sticking and jamming from occurring. 

If your doors have fallen victims to harsh weathering, and you are experiencing one of the things mentioned in this article today, you probably would benefit from a door repair. Here at Snag Doctor, we are a team of repair specialists who eliminate the need to replace, and instead offer an equally effective repair! For more information about our door repair services, please get in touch. No matter the weather, a door that is in good repair will make you feel safe and secure!