With the kids at home throughout the summer holidays, your home may have more traffic running through it then usual. Consider that they’ll be in and out all day, slamming doors when they don’t quite get their own way and the potentials for toys being crashed or thrown around – your doors may take the hit.

With Worcester’s very own Mark Everitt, you can have the peace of mind that your doors will look as good as new once they’ve been fixed. From small chips in the woodwork, holes that need to be filled, to new hinges or hinges needing to be fixed, Mark can help. At Snag Doctor, we can also help with resprays so you can get a fresh-looking door without the costly price tag.

He covers the whole of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Dudley so you know you’re covered if you’re in that area. Using the Snag Doctor in the Worcester area means you can save time and money if it’s a small repair job – rather than getting a new door which can be pricey and having to get it fitted and painted, Mark will be able to come out, assess what needs to be done and provide a quote. He can help with damage caused by impact, stains, burning or accidental damage and will make the door look as good as new.

Using the Snag Doctor to fix your interior doors can save you time, effort and money and you get to help the environment by not having to recycle or bin a door that still works perfectly fine once it’s been looked at and repaired.

If you’re in the Worcester area, get a no obligation quote to see how the Snag Doctor can help with your repair. We have found that we can save our clients between 50-70% when repairing a door compared to them buying a new one and getting it fitted.

If you’ve got a small hole from an impact, or it’s been stained, we can work to get this resolved for you quickly and with no hassle We’ll make sure it’s all colour matched to what it was as well, so you don’t have to worry about it looking mismatched once we’ve finished.

If you have a door repair job that you want Snag Doctor Mark Everitt to look at then contact him today for your no obligation quote.