While we are here to help you repair your surface damages, we don’t want you to be faced with unnecessary damages that will cost you more money and add stress to your day! Here are our top tips on maintaining your worktops and avoiding surface damage.

Use protective covers for your worktops:

By not using a protective cover on your surfaces you’re risking daily damage, whether it’s in the kitchen or in a workshop! Ensure you always cover over your active work surfaces to avoid scratches, dents, or chips out of the material. Using a chopping board in the kitchen is vital, even with a hard counter top, and you should always cover over your wooden desktops when conducting any work that may result in scratches or chips.

If there are damages, avoid getting the area damp or wet:

When there are scratches present on your surfaces, it can often reduce the water resistance of your surface by breaking through the waterproof coating. This means your surface is at greater risk of more serious damage if the area is wet or damp because the moisture can absorb into the material and start causing rot or erosion, making it incredibly complicated to get rid of and repair.

Choose the correct cleaning products when cleaning surfaces:

When you’re cleaning your own home, it can often be easier to use the first cleaning product you see to get the job done. But this can often cause more issues than it solves, as some cleaning products contain harsh and abrasive chemicals that can increase the erosion of your surfaces or strip away the upper layers of your finish. Always ensure you’re using the correct cleaning products for the material you’re cleaning to avoid exacerbating wear and damage!

What can I do if there are damages to my surfaces?

Rather than using cheap patch products and at-home repair kits, it is important to contact a professional company to repair and restore the aesthetic damage to your home surfaces, especially if maintaining the visual finish is important to you! Here at Snag Doctor our expert team is fully equipped to restore all aesthetic damage to your home hard surfaces, so if you’re looking for hard surface repair services, get in touch to chat about your bespoke needs today.