At Snag Doctor, we are experts in our field, from kitchen repairs to door repairs, we can work extremely well under a limited time frame to create a surface repair that will leave you mind-blown. We can camouflage over the snag effectively to create a smooth and durable repair that will stand the test of time.  

We have the skills and experience to repair doors of any material. From UPVC to wood, our team can repair the door and even give it a fresh coat of colour for a revitalised look. Take a look below at some of the types of door materials that we can repair for you: 


UPVC doors are used for outdoor purposes. They can be susceptible to weather damage, from colour fading or patchiness, to scratches, we can repair those damages with ease to save you splashing the cash on replacements. 


Laminate doors are used in residential homes and can be at risk of damage through chips, scratches, or impact through moving furniture in and out of rooms. We have the knowledge and training to complete a surface repair to make your luxury laminate doors look better than ever! 


Veneer doors are a unique option. It is a similar material to laminate doors but is more vulnerable to damage. We can carefully and patiently repair any snags along the door to create a seamless surface repair for your home. 


Metal doors are mostly used for exterior purposes on residential properties or can be used both inside and outside for commercial properties. Metal can be prone to dents and scratches so luckily; we have the equipment necessary to get those metal doors gleaming again in no time. 


Wood doors, whether it is oak, pine, walnut, or any other form of wood, our team have been fully trained and qualified to complete a flawless surface repair. We can also give the door a fresh coat of paint, glaze, or tint to refresh the look. 

To discover more about our door repairs or other hard surface repair services, please visit our website where you can browse the types of services we offer, our portfolio gallery, contact details, and much more.