If you have any scratches, dents or chips, on any of the surfaces around your home, it’s time to call the Snag Doctor! We can repair almost any damaged hard surface to and bring it back to an as-new finish. We can work with a huge range of materials, including granite, ceramics, plastics, steel, wood, glass, brick and stone. Take a look below at some of ways the Snag Doctor can help you with the surfaces in your home or workspace:

Internal Surfaces In Your Home

Unwanted chips, dents, or scratches not only leave an irritating mark on the aesthetic of your surface, they also risk causing additional damage. Moisture may soak into the surface and also bacteria can sit in the damaged area. Thankfully, we can help repair and restore all types of kitchen surfaces!

Window and Door Restoration

Whether your wooden internal doors are chipped or your external windowsills are damaged, you want to ensure a quick and high-quality repair that will leave your windows and doors looking great with no sign of damage, without an expensive rip out! We can offer smart, spot repairs for your windows and doors both internal and external.

Stone and Brickwork

We have extensive experience restoring and repairing stone and brickwork around the home and on large commercial buildings. We offer an impeccable service with colour matching and tinting options to ensure the aesthetics are not compromised! We can repair all damages to both stone and brickwork aswel as tint large discoloured areas.

Baths, Toilets, and Shower Trays

The kitchen isn’t the only room in the house prone to having scratched or dented surfaces, we also offer a comprehensive range of repair and restoration services in the bathroom! Bathtubs, shower trays, sinks and tiles can easily be damaged, so whether it’s plastic, ceramics or porcelain, we can help!

Here at the Snag Doctor we pride ourselves on offering high-quality surface restoration services with a focus on the bespoke needs of your project. Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss the surfaces you need repairing, and see how we can help you!