Here at Snag Doctor, our expert team is fully qualified and equipped to repair and restore chips, scratches, snags, and any other aesthetic damage to all manner of surfaces and materials commonly found around the home! There’s no irritating household blemish we can’t tackle! If you have a scratched worktop or a chipped window frame you need the Snag Doctor to heal for you, or are simply curious about the types of repairs that we do, have a browse through our brief guide on the types of materials and surfaces we can restore back to impeccable condition in your home!

What materials do we work with?

Brick and Stone

Our brick and stone restoration services are able to repair any aesthetic damage to brick and stone walls around your property, along with paving slabs, stone sills, and stone ornaments or water features! We use our colour matching system to ensure you’re left with a like-new finish.

Plastic and Porcelain

Plastic and porcelain surfaces found in the home like sinks, bathtubs, and shower trays are often highly susceptible to scratches and chips due to their use. Our team is able to restore all bathroom blemishes back to a gorgeous finish made to match your existing surface. We can even repair corner chips to bathtubs and toilets!


Tile is another material commonly found in the bathroom and kitchen areas, making it high-risk for chips and scratches! But don’t fret, we can restore your bathroom tiles or kitchen floor back to their original finish.

Glass and Stainless Steel

Scratches in glass and stainless steel, whether in your home’s windowpanes or surfaces around your kitchen, can be incredibly irritating and seem impossible to remove. But this isn’t true! Snag Doctor’s expert team is capable of removing scuffs or scratches to your stainless steel surfaces and even buffing scratches out of your windows, leaving you with a clear view once again!


Damage to wooden doors or window frames can leave you with frustrating gaps and awful breezes in the colder months. We can help! Whether its damage around the lock set, scratches to the paneling, or chips to the corners, we can restore your wooden surfaces and leave them with a flawless finish.

If you have annoying scratches or chips around your home, don’t delay; the damage will only get worse! We complete most new enquiries within a week, so you could be just days away from a fully repaired surface with a like-new finish. Get in touch with the best surface repair experts and call the Snag Doctor today!