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We are able to work our magic on a wide range of hard surfaces
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Surface Repair & Restoration

We use the very latest state-of-the-art equipment to carry out quality repairs that last, this along with the care and passion we put into all our work sets us apart from the rest.


Kitchen Units & Doors

We can make unwanted chips, scratches and holes simply disappear.


Worktops & tables

Our colour and pattern-matching technology provides a cost-effective solution to repairing your surfaces.



Both floor & wall tiles can be repaired quickly and easily in situ eliminating the need to source a replacement.


Window Frame Repair

Damaged/tired window frames? No problem! We can restore them and save you money on replacements. 


Door Repair & Restoration

We are able to repair and restore all types of doors, whether it's a full respray or a spot repair.


Stone Restoration & Tinting

Our technicians are able to restore all types of stone saving our clients £££ against expensive replacements.


Stainless Steel

We can remove scratches and scuffs from your hob and stainless steel countertops and work surfaces.


Scratched Glass Repair

Our highly trained technicians are able to polish out scratches to glass leaving your window looking as good as new again! 


Brickwork Repairs & Tinting

Snag Doctor are specialists in both repairing and tinting bricks. We are able to match colours onsite to produce a seamless finish


Baths, SInks and Shower Trays

Cracked or chipped wash basin, bath or shower tray? We can repair the damage in-situ, eliminating the need for you to call in plumbers and tilers.


Caravans, Canopies & More

We are able to work with any hard surface. Get in touch to discuss your exciting restoration project!

Our Work

Our Recent Projects

Stone Sill Repair

A recent stone sill repair to a plot at one of our clients new build homes in Bolton. This repair saved the site team from coordinating 3 different trades, ordering and waiting for a replacement and a lot of time and money!

Shower Tray Repair

A shower tray damaged in 2 areas. Our client wanted to hand over this plot when they realised the shower tray had been damaged. Rather than call in a plumber, tiler, mastic sealer, wait for a replacement to be delivered and refit, we repaired the shower tray within 2 hours. Another happy Site Manager!

Snag Doctor offers superb customer service, no problem is too much for them!
They have worked their magic on a variety of surfaces on site: doors, worktops, kitchen units, baths, window frames and decorative stone. After they have finished you wouldn’t be able to see the surfaces’ original damage.
The team will endeavour to undertake any task and go the extra mile to help out, they have saved the day on more than one occasion!
Thanks Jon & Chris and the team!
Abigail Green

Site Manager, Linden Homes, Galliford Try Partnerships

We use Snag Doctor on a regular basis for all of our projects. The response times are excellent as are the quality of their repairs. The amount of work they get through in a day compared with other contractors makes them a real cost effective solution for our business.
Juan Crous

Operations Manager, HH Smith & Sons

A very Professional Service received from Snag Doctor, The quality of the repair was fantastic and totally Invisible the best I’ve seen.
Rob Bell

Quantity Surveyor, Barnfield Homes

Whilst providing Quantity Surveying services to Bowmer & Kirkland I was requested to procure a new ‘magic man’ or similar for undertaking repairs to Curtain Walling, Doors, Floors and Tiles. I approached The Snag Doctor and met with Jon. I found the Snag Doctor to provide the key services anyone would look for in a sub-contractor. They were extremely responsive from the first phone call and showed how flexible they were in how they adapted and integrated their works around on-going trades works. The quality of the work was exemplary and they provided real value for money in a competitive market. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my clients.
Noel Kenny

Director, Fíor Construction Services Limited

Saving Our Clients Time

Our technicians are able to repair on site and in situ, meaning no waiting for replacement items to be delivered to site, or for numerous trades people to become available to fit them.

Saving The Environment

Repairing damaged items means that less waste is sent to landfill. Also, any replacements would need to be manufactured & transported to site, causing needless energy expenditure & more harm to the environment.

Saving Our Clients Money

Repairing a damaged item can offer significant savings when comparing the cost of replacement. Our research has shown that we regularly save our clients between 50-70%.