Terms and Conditions

  1. Snag Doctor Ltd’s payment terms are: 30 days from date of invoice. This applies to all Commercial clients unless agreed otherwise by both parties. Non account customers must make full payment in advance of any work being completed.

  3. Account & Non-account customers will be charged 50% of the agreed rate for cancellations within 24 hours of commencement start time.

  5. Snag Doctor Ltd is paid Gross under the CIS scheme.

  7. A written request for attendance must be received by email to the relevant Snag Doctor office prior to a Snag Doctor Technician’s attendance.

  9. We reserve the right to apply Statutory Late Payment Interest at current Governmental guidelines on the full amount outstanding per invoice due date.

  11. Our warranty period is 12 months from completion of the repair unless a written agreement stating otherwise is agreed and signed for by both parties.

  13. Retention is 0% (works are placed under warranty unless agreed otherwise).

  15. All high level access equipment is the responsibility of the client and is to be provided by the client unless agreed in writing by both parties. Additional charges will be made for access equipment supplied and any figures will need to be agreed in writing prior to the start of any works.

  17. No responsibility is taken for damage caused to the contract works either during or after the event unless such damage is clearly related to a Snag Doctor Technician’s visit with evidence provided.

  19. Snag Doctor Technician’s will require ventilation in the room(s) where the damage is situated when carrying out repairs. If the property is occupied, the occupants will have to leave the area until the repairs are complete and the technician invites them back in to check on the repair. If the area cannot be isolated and the works cannot be completed safely a full charge will be applicable at the agreed rate.

  21. We may not be able to carry out external works due to rain or cold temperatures. It is not the responsibility of Snag Doctor Ltd to monitor the weather. If a Snag Doctor technician attends site on the date & time requested by the client and works cannot be carried out due to adverse weather a full charge at the agreed rate will be applicable. Any cancellations will need to be made in excess of 24hrs from the appointment start date to avoid charges.

  23. It is the responsibility of our clients to provide a representative to sign off Snag Doctor documentation on completion of the agreed works. Failure to do so will be indicated as acceptance that the works have been completed to a satisfactory standard.

  25. In relation to Glass Polishing, it is to be recognised that there is a low risk of glass failure whilst the repair process is carried out, this may happen if there are unforeseen flaws within the glass structure or excessive stress points on the edge of glass due to the glazing method. In such an occurrence Snag Doctor Ltd. will not be held responsible for glass replacement, or any costs relating to glass replacement.